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CEO of Nisshin Meiko Tech Co.,Ltd.

Kimio Moriya

We aim to build the company
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Since foundation of Nisshin Meiko Tech, as a system engineering company with measuring and control instruments, we have been trying to build and create common value with customers to find best solution. Nisshin Meiko Tech is a key company of ASUTEC group which consist of several companies and divided five segments such as Trading group, Manufacturing group, Construction & maintenance group, Automobile and the other enterprise group.

The companies in ASUTEC group can share the products, technologies and regional support to find best lasting solution for the customers who are facing high market demand with its diversity. Through the activity of ESG and SDGs, we achieve social responsibility with environmental technology and offer the value to meet industrial change. We try to find the best way for customers to coexist with us in future and grow with us for future that is our never-end goal. Creating wealthy and pleasurable future is ASUTEC’s slogan, so we aim the company to create the new value and build brightly society for the future, together with customers. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you.

Company profile

Corporate name Nisshin Meiko Tech Co.,Ltd.
Foundation Jun 11th, 1964
Capital 301 Million JPY
Number of employees 147 (as of Dec., 2023)
Head-quarters 11-36 Toyotsu-cho, Suita-city, Osaka-pref., 564-0051 Japan
TEL +81-(0)6-6338-5311, FAX +81-(0)6-6388-5322
ISO Certification ISO14001 certified
CEO Kimio Moriya
  • Products sale of measuring and control instruments
  • PA/Engineering for process & factory automation
  • System integration of DCS and SCADA
  • Designing and manufacturing of embedded electrical cabinet
  • Electrical construction
  • Maintenance
Products supplier

Sales offices

  1. 01Head-quarters

  2. 02Tokyo head sales office

  3. 03Sendai

  4. 04Niigata

  5. 05North Kanto

  6. 06Oyama

  7. 07Kanagawa

  8. 08Shizuoka

  9. 09Hamamatsu

  10. 10Nagoya

  11. 11Mie

  12. 12Shiga

  13. 13Kobe

  14. 14Takamatsu

  15. 15Hiroshima

  16. 16Fukuoka

  17. 17Sales office in China